S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats: the best and worst yields in August/2023.

Sproutfi research shows the S&P 500 companies with the best and worst yields in August 2023. Do you have any in your portfolio?
Dividend Aristocrats

In this article:

  • The 5 best dividend aristocrats in August 2023.

  • The 5 worst dividend aristocrats in August 2023.

One of the best things for anyone who invests in stocks is to receive dividends, there is a group of stocks that go by the nickname Dividend Aristocrats. 

These are companies that are part of the S&P 500 - which encompasses the largest companies in the U.S. market - and have paid steadily increasing dividends for the past 25 years.

At Sproutfi we bring you the best and worst yields during the month of August of companies that are part of the SP500 and that offer dividends. Also known as Aristocrats stocks, these companies are known for a track record of consistently paying dividends.

Please note that the assets listed in this text are not investment recommendations and the source of information is Google Finance.

Top 5 Best Aristocrats Stock Yields August 2023

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. - WST

Return August: 10.56% Dividend Yield: 10.56% Dividend Yield: 0.19% Dividend Yield: 0.19% Dividend Yield: 0.19% Market Cap: $29.94 billion

Company focused on the design and manufacture of drug delivery systems and packaging components. The company creates innovative solutions to help protect and safely administer medications, improving the efficiency of drug delivery and the quality of life of patients. Its products include rubber caps and seals, drug delivery systems, prefilled syringes, insulin delivery devices, among others.

Emerson Electric Co - EMR

August Return: 7.55% Dividend Yield: 2.11 Dividend Yield: 2.11%. Market Cap: $56.45 billion dollars

A technology and automation solutions company that operates in a wide range of industries, including industrial, commercial and residential processes. Emerson offers solutions in areas such as process automation, temperature and climate control, energy management, and fluid control technologies. 

Caterpillar Inc. - CAT

August Return: 6.02% Dividend Yield: 1.69 Dividend Yield: 1.69% Dividend Yield: 1.69 Market Cap: $145.75 billion dollars 

Caterpillar is a company focused on the manufacture and sale of machinery, heavy equipment, industrial and marine engines. The company serves diverse industries, including construction, mining, energy, agriculture, and transportation by offering a wide range of products, from excavators and bulldozers to generators and locomotives.

Brown & Brown, Inc. - BRO

August Return: 5.18% Dividend Yield: 0.62 Dividend Yield: 0.62% Dividend Yield: 0.62 Market Cap: $21 billion dollars

Insurance services company with presence in the United States. Brown & Brown specializes in providing commercial and personal insurance solutions, as well as risk management consulting services.  The company stands out for its focus on insurance customization, providing advice and a wide variety of products through its network of agencies and subsidiaries.

Exxon Mobil Corp - XOM

August Return: 3.68% Dividend Yield: 3.24 Dividend Yield: 3.24%. Market Cap: $453.32 billion dollars

Exxon Mobil is one of the world's largest and most recognized oil and energy companies. With a global presence in the exploration, production, refining and distribution of oil, natural gas and related products, Exxon Mobil plays a key role in the energy industry. The company is also involved in the research and development of advanced energy technologies and sustainable solutions. 

Top 5 Worst Performing Aristocrats Stocks August 2023

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc - WBA

August Yield: -15.55%. Dividend Yield: 7.99% Dividend Yield: 7.99% Dividend Yield: 7.99% Dividend Yield: 7.99 Market Cap: $20.63 billion

Walgreens Boots is a multinational healthcare services company with a broad presence in the pharmacy and healthcare industry. It operates an extensive network of retail pharmacies under the Walgreens and Boots brands, providing a wide range of pharmaceuticals, health care services, and beauty and personal care products.

CH Robinson Worldwide Inc - CHRW

August Return: -9.73% Dividend Yield: 2.74% Dividend Yield: 2.74 Dividend Yield: 2.74% Dividend Yield: 2.74 Market Cap: $10.42 billion

Global logistics and transportation company that provides freight brokerage services and logistics solutions internationally. It acts as a link between companies that need to ship goods and a broad network of transportation providers, including truck, ship, rail and air. CH Robinson uses advanced technology to optimize its customers' supply chain, offering freight forwarding, inventory management, order fulfillment and logistics consulting services. 

T Rowe Price Group Inc - TROW

August Return: -8.95%Dividend Yield: 4.34% Dividend Yield: 4.34Market Cap: $25.23 billion.

Financial asset management firm with a presence in the investment industry.It offers investment management and advisory services to institutional investors, individuals and corporate clients.T. Rowe Price is noted for its focus on active portfolio management and the pursuit of strong long-term results for its clients. 

NextEra Energy Inc - NEE

August Return: -8.87% Dividend Yield: 2.55% Dividend Yield: 2.55Dividend Yield: 2.55% Dividend Yield: 2.55Market Cap: $134.88 billion

A U.S.-based energy and utilities company with a strong presence in the generation and distribution of electric power, especially in the renewable energy sector.The company operates through its two main subsidiaries: Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), which serves Florida, and NextEra Energy Resources, which is engaged in power generation domestically and internationally.

Sysco Corp - SYY

August Return: -8.73% Dividend Yield: -8.73% Dividend Yield: 2.79% Dividend Yield: 2.79 Dividend Yield: 2.79% Dividend Yield: 2.79 Market Cap: $35.36 billion dollars

As a major player in the foodservice industry, Sysco caters to a wide range of customers, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and other hospitality establishments. The company specializes in the distribution of fresh, frozen and packaged foods, as well as providing products and services related to the food industry, such as kitchen equipment and culinary consulting.

*This is an illustrative example and does not represent an investment recommendation.