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Our mission is simple but ambitious: to make investing and wealth creation more accessible, inclusive, and fair to everyone in Latin America!

Sproutfi is an investing platform that allows people just like you to invest in the largest financial market in the world, the United States. Through our platform, you can invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets (coming soon) – all in one place.

We provide our customers with the tools, inspiration, and support to become better investors. We’ve built a community of like-minded people, creators, and contributors to share insights, learnings, and support each other on the journey to achieving their financial goals.

We’re challenging the status quo and leveling the playing field.

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Our investors

With a $5.7M Seed Round, Sprout lets you Invest in the U.S. with just $1

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Meet Sprout, A For Latin America


Brazilian WealthTech Sprout receives investment of US$ 5.2 million to allow people to invest in the US with one dollar

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