Yes, you can invest in the US market

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We make it possible for everyone in Latin America to invest in the world’s largest financial market.

You don't have to go it alone

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We built a community of people just like you. Find investors to follow and learn from. Chat directly with groups built around your interests. Share investment advice with your friends.

Put your money where your heart is

Theme card: Virtual Reality, with 23 stocks.Theme card: Dirveless cars, 27 stocksTheme card: Race to Space, 8 stocksTheme card: Plant-based nutrition, 23 stocksTheme card: Future of Education, 8 stocksTheme card: Woman in Power, 23 tocksTheme card: Ecommerce, 45 stocks
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Discover investment ideas based on your interests or browse based on your beliefs. What companies do you admire? What products do you love? Start there. We’ll help you find your way around.

Navigate the market with confidence

Build your financial know-how —without all the confusing jargon— so you can manage your investments like a pro. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime. This one’s on us.

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Cultivate your wealth via 6,000 companies and funds in the US market. Nurture your investments as you set your sights on the longterm.
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